My Covid19 Story

It started with a meeting with an agent and their Client at my Charlestown Woods Development in Marlboro.

Admitted to Riverview Red Bank Hospital

Wednesday April 1, 2020 Day Stay 1

Oxygen level setting on #4

Hospital Stay Night 2

Thursday April 2, 2020

8:26 pm saw Dr. Applehauser pulmonary specialist older american man. Nice Dr. Matter of fact .

5 to 7 days stay. Blood tests see how you are doing good barometer.
Its going to be difficult days coming up.
Nurse Agnes  foreigner not indian not Jamaica Philippine yuk can’t understand her.
Nurse Aide Jackie sweetheart.
First night nebulizer catastrophic.
Nurse Agnes tells me how to inhale etc. tells me how to tell when I’m done, get up and shut valve.
Whatever else she said put scare of death about it. I was already there anyway.
She turned the nebulizer on and ran out of the room.
I start doing the treatment not more than a minute. And it pops explodes. Have no clue.

Panic Attack.!!!!!!

Another person rushes in connects it rushes out.

Hospital Day Stay 3 

Friday April 3, 2020

New Nurse. Candace best nurse.  New nurse to covid19 floor.
She normally works on stroke floor. She has 2 patients to work  for thank God I’m her one of her patients.

After the nebulizer fiasco, my heart was racing, oxygen low, can’t breath, short of breath in complete Panic Mode.

Nurse Candace came in talked to me for a while trying to calm me.
Asked me questions. What is my normal day like? What do I do?
I told her I was a Realtor. I lived by lists, to do’s schedules, systems. I needed to know what is going on. I needed explanations on what was going on, how it works, what do I need to do.”
I old her I am ADD and am obsessive compulcsive also.
She understood my control freak and why I have been panicking so.
She ordered xanax. Took the edge off.

What calmed me down the most was that she wrote me a schedule  of everything that was going to be going on. 

When is breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I will be getting medicines, , what type of medicines pills or IV drip.schedule medicin
My temperature is back to normal Oxygen good

11ish am Hospital Doctor  came in said we will continue as is 

3:15 pm Tested bood sugar and it is high

Nurse Candace will call Dr to see what to do.
Heart rate has been racing all day have shakes
Getting a hemorrhoid. Painful

Hospital Stay Night 3 

Friday April 3  2020 

New Nurse Laura and aide Veronica very nice nurses 3rd best nurse and aide.

No Temperature Blood Pressure OK No major issues..
Medicine pills, nemesis  inhaler and insulin still very high
After in I started to try to eat some dinner did not work well on the first small bite.
Dry heaves etc.
Rates all up.
Waited  a bit and tried to force myself again extremely excruciatingly slowly with success

All of this with hands shaking food falling off the fork dry tuna fish salad was very late in eating that was the first situation.
The second time the sliced tomato 🍅saved the tuna and me in moisture to be able to finish.
Nurse Laura  Came in and said that they have to take out the Iv.   Why?
IV because it’s been there since the March 31st.  I said no it has not been I only arrived they are on the 1st April look at my label.
Sure enough it shows I arrived on the 1st April and there’s nothing wrong with it. If it’s not broken don’t fix it< Reprieve one night, but that was the precursor of the beginning of the worst next day after that nothing much happened day .

Hospital Day Stay 4
Part 1

Saturday April 4 2020 

New Nurse Sarah Second Best and aide Jennifer
Today was a very emotional roller coaster day for me which started Jennifer. 
She comes and starts straightening things supposed to measure My blood sugar.
still very high.
I meant she starts out on me saying how come you’re not walking around I should be walking around not laying in this bed.
It’s not good for you, you need to start moving and why are you not doing it ?
Well I panicked broke down to tears and I said how can I get up when i am attached on all sides and I could hardly move as it is just to go to the toilet bowl.
She continues you should still be moving etc.
Now I am in a full panic attack and started to cry hysterically and I said I wanted to speak to Nurse Sarah.
Sarah comes in and goes Gloria what’s going on and I said everything Jennifer’s telling me.
I’m not doing my job by getting up and walking around which I want to do. Because I want to get  the h*** outta here any way. And I feel she is accusing me of not working at my job to to move and I just want to stay in bed then Jennifer comes and tries to explain  she said it was meant from the heart I don’t know it was but it was just the way it was said so early in the morning that a just took me over the top.
That was pretty much half the morning going in to lunch. And all of this was because they wanted to clean my bed and get me washed up for not having washed in 4 days! YUCK.
It was a h*** of a lot worse at home where i sweated all day and night for two weeks. (Poor Marty Garland washing my clothes and bed.)

Then the usual  Medication pills, IV drip and last my nemesis the inhaler.

Then I had to try to eat but I had no appetitie, mouth was dry and I just did not like the food being served.  The food is OK but not great because by the time I’m ready for it it’s cold . 
I knew I had to eat something  I ate enough to say that  I ate for the body but not really.

Next on today’s agenda is to change the bed and get washed so Jennifer’s back and we both calm down and became fast friends.
We decided that I was going to try to go to the bathroom to wash up. My cords (leash) were not long enough. so  we had to do a wash up on the bed.
We then both figured out if I took off my oxygen I could go to the bathroom.  I said that I would try if she would be there and I would have my new boyfriend with me 6ft 5in. Mr. Intravenous pole.

Mr Intravenous

Mr Intravenous

I Did the walk with out the oxygen was a out of breath no lie then made it back to the toiletpot seat.  With some heavy breathing.

  • Check mark positive 1

 We’re still talking while Jennifer is was making the bed and I still did not have the oxygen on. Yes it was ins short breath slow stop but not uncomfortable.

  • Check mark positive 2

There was a little bit more heavier breathing and a lot of stopping. Jennifer and I are now on good terms and understand each other in our own language.
Now in the  meantime in back nurses home desk away from all of this; my wonderful angel Nurse Sarah has been talking with nutrition  because i just don’t have an appetite and have not been eating.
Another nurse like Candace who asked what is your day like

Sarah asked “what do you normally eat. She arranged that the nutrition girl Michelle/Laura  call and talk to me.
And it worked!!!! For dinner i got cottage cheese a large box of assorted fresh fruit and glucerna protein shake. 

Check mark positive 3

Hospital Day Stay 4

Saturday April 4 2020

Next I get a phone call from  Dr Abate  because it brings back  full circle to April 1st. 
 So I get this phone call
from doctor

Asking me “Do I know why I’m in the hospital”

My answer is I don’t know what you’re talking about.

“DrAbate  Do you know why you were admitted to the hospital? “

My answer Oh  yes i have covid19

“DrAbate  How do you know you have covid19”

My answer I got tested

“Dr Abate When did you get tested and where”

My answer at the white tent in Red Bank Doctor Mulholland

“Dr Abate did they send you to emergency room?”

My  answer  Yes I was there and you saw me and I don’t know why you’re asking these questions and she hung up

I start screaming at the top of my lungs 

Asking why is this doctor asking me why I’m in the hospital

 do I even know why im here?

Do they know?

At that point Nurse Sara my angel comes in and asks whats going on?

I repeat the whole phone conversation.  I also tell her the story below:

Now circle back to April 1st when I was in the Emergency Room.

“Dr Abate Comes into the Room asks me if I have a phone?

My answer yes I have a phone

“Dr Abate  Can you please give me your phone number so I could go out and call you

My answer why do you have to go out to call me you’re right here

Dr Abate  Give me your phone number and when I call pick up out the door she goes”

Dr Abate  5 minutes later she calls me back and starts asking me questions my name why am I here etc.

My answer why are you asking me all these questions you’re in the Emergency Room and  I gave all the same information.  She hangs up.

Now I’m being moved to my room 3rd floor and I meet my nurse who also says my

“DrAbate” will be up shortly to talk to me.
April 1 2020 Night Stay1

Back to Saturday April 4 2020

6:00 pm dinner comes in with Nurse Sara and the medicines. IV drip, pills and of course the inhaler.
As Nurse Sara moved my arm she noticed that the IV area was swelling up a lot.
She asked me if it hurt and I said no It did look ugly but didn’t hurt so she said OK we’ll be keeping an eye on it.
Now I’m starting to panic I know it has always been an issue with my viens.
Nurse Sara comes in a little later checks the arm and says we have to start looking now for a new IV spot.
No viens to be seen or really felt. She tried sticking me twice and I told her she could continue I was fine.
She told me nurses are only allowed to stick twice and then you need to get another nurse.
By that time Nurse Neil the nighttime male nurse was on so she brought him over same thing no luck.
7:15ish pm Dr. Applehauser my crusty pulmonary doctor came in to see me and I was in the middle of a heated discussion with Jennifer.
Good old Doc goes…  ok breathe in …out.. again… front…  back… and out he goes.
The heated discussion I was having with Jennifer was that my thermal T-shirt was acting as my 2nd pillow and it had been thrown away and I was very upset and that’s when Doctor Applehouser came in and said that it was contaminated period it could NOT be used. Needed to be dry cleaned put in bag.
Who knew I certainly wasn’t even thinking about that.
Ok that shut me up

Hospital Stay Night 4 

Saturday April 4 2020 

New man Nurse Niel. Very quiet spoken very very gentle you can tell he’s a kind person. After the harrowing day 4  Sarah said that Niel😇 is the best person to find another vein.
Nurses are not allowed to  poke you more than twice.
She said Neil is the best finder in new veins unfortunately in this case that is not true for me. It also means they will be having a difficult time trying to pull blood.
That has always been my life problem but not this bad.
So now i am officially a pin cushion.Pin cushion
Because i did so good on my day test walk to bathroom no oxygen we collectively decided not continue to search for another iv spot. Woohoo. Reprieve.
I  finally went to sleep calm 1st night…
Until 4:00am ish  Niel is waking me up with bad news I need an iv for drp something.
Back into full blown panic short breath etc. Now because Niel had tried twice already we need another nurse.
In comes Nurse JB
😇 the savior.
After extensively looking and using som laser light he found a spot on the left wrist and puts the needle
💉👍 in easy peasy no pain and we are connected.


Silver lining🌤 to all of this i can now use my phone without having to use the reset button every 6 minutes (too long to explain)

Blood sugar lowered  No temperature Blood Pressure high Oxygen level lowered from 3 to 2 
Mon April 1 oxygen started at 4 

Hospital Day Stay 5 

Sunday April 5 2020

I woke up confused  around 3:00 a.m. because I needed to go to the bathroom and I knew I wanted to walk there but I didn’t know how to do it. I ended up using the potty with the help of aide.
Then somehow I got hysterical and started to cry around 7:00 a.m. because I thought I lost a day and I did not know where it went>
I called my friend Ellen in a panic. I really don’t know what happened or what made me do this it may be the blood sugar went to low. Ellen talked me down and I felt better.
This was worst crying jag here to date.
My favorite nurse Sara is back and Jennifer the aid
Blood sugar dropping slowly.  sounding good
Biggest surprise was my breakfast delivered by Michael nice jovial guy.
They forgot my water I am now drinking 5 -12oz bottles of water between  ALL meals. Medicine mouth dry hard to swallow dry food …  Not Anymore.
All the medicines done.
Sara starts getting nebulizer done and gets called away.

10:oo AM I puffed and puffed and puffed till the cows come home and it is not diminishing.
Inhaler was not tuned on. 30 minutes and still same amount.
Called let them know 3 times I think issues going on.

12 noon Neb still not done. 

11:50 a.m. my 1st walk by myself to the bathroom no oxygen. Feeling a little flushed after the walk but I am sitting on the bed now.

It’s Cold in the Room. Even after the walk without the oxygen and reading is good
Going to finish snack my breakfast now.

12:15pm Jennifer comes in brings lunch  another beautiful meal to my liking and to do my blood sugar.
I tell her I still have not done the nebulizer because the air was not turned on.
I told her I called them 4 times and nobody came in so she turns on the nebulizer 

2:05 p.m. and I start doing my job

By 2:15 p.m. the nebulizer pops/explodes once again scares the sh#t out of me.
I called them up to let them know. I know how to shut the air off so I got up shut the air off and as far as the nebulizer and I we’re done.

12:55pm  decided to go to the bathroom to rinse out the mouth This is now my 2nd trip to the bathroom without oxygen and my reading for oxygen is marginal and  my heart rate was a good. Awesome!!

1:30ish pm Sara comes in with the iv medicines. True to my thoughts a lot of situations were going on at the covid floor.

Still shaking from inhaler incident told her not doing it now.
Ok postponed reprieve for little bit. Another stroll with my new boyfriend Mr Intravenous again no oxygen starting to feeling encouraged.

5pm Dr Applehauser 2 to 3 more days in hospital
Blood sugar OK

5:30 pm dinner of champions

Nurse Sara comes in with the medicines. pills, IV, and
yes New inhaler oh lord give me strength no incidents please.
I think the last incident explosion took out my Seiko watch stopped at 2:20pm. 

Hospital Stay Night 5 

Sunday April 5, 2020 

7:55 pm Oh yeay my favorite calm spoken night nurse Niel is back.

My blood pressure high>
Brought medicine for inhaler. I am so anxious about this but I will do my job.
And guess what happens we have another issue with it it leaks out into the bag and then when I start inhaling at 8:05 p.m. and inhaled until 8:30 pm the same amount that started was the same amount that ended.
I could have continued till the cows got home. During the inhaling an aide came in to take blood sugar high  and i told her the air is not on. Said she’d tell Neil.
He came in I showed him and showed the medicine in the bag. I said lets just finish whats in the inhaler turn on the air .

9:00 pm Now I’m  done with the inhaler. I had a great teacher Nurse Candace (1st nurse) explain and show me how it is supposed to look like and when it is properly working and that is what I am going by to make sure i get my job done..

Funny side effect from all of this. I get hiccups.😄 

10:15PM Nurse Niel comes in with medicine steroid and insulin

Good news steroids are being dropped from 40 to 30.
Good news reprieve on inhaler for tonight.
Time to get some rest.

2:57am awoke with a start had to pee.

What a difference in waking up  today compared to yesterday.
Walked to bathroom and back no oxygen measured a little low but still good. A little hungry eating fruit cup will have sip of protein drink to balance.

4:00 am Nurse Niel comes in to give medication take blood IV.

We start with IV medicine and for the first time it hurts going in. Oh my God I hope i didn’t ruin it during sleep or need a new IV.
No real answer from Nurse Niel. Take pills. Next need to draw blood. Oh no vien looking. Success first go round. Next inhaler only missed one dosage because of incident.
Asked for new bag for inhaler all wet with medicine. Confidence level in Niel dropping.

4:45 am left to get new clean bag for inhaler (I could see it was a conundrum for him) now 5:10 am no Niel no bag no inhaler job. Also need nose drops can’t breathe through nose another conundrum.

6:05 a.m. confidence level on nurse Niel dropped. No clean bag or medicine for inhaler and no nose drops.  Guess leaving it for morning crew.

5:00 am blood pressure high No Temp.

6:15am bathroom walk pee  diarrhea Little hungry sip protein. Doing a little coughing Blood sugar high Blood pressure high

Hospital Day Stay 6 

Monday April 6 2020  

6:54 am  Enter new aide Mel B blood sugar  high

7:55 am walk to bathroom pee diarrhea brushed teeth went back to get rinse cup back to bed no oxygen
Slight cough shallow not deep.

8:00 am  Still nothing with the inhaler and nose drops Doing more short coughing

8:45 am Angie comes in with breakfast of champions again. Best scrambled eggs. They forgot glucerna and gave cold water no biggie.

9:05 am Went to bathroom  empty tray  dropped stuff on side bent down picked up all no oxygen.
I am short of breath and coughing.  I am very worried about my IV is starting to hurt or starting to be noticed and I hope I didn’t screw it up again I can feel I am flushed. Insulin must be Up

10:00 am  My new day Nurse Jenna comes in with medicines no more iv drip yeay. Pills.Retakes blood sugar High Blood pressure High NO Temp All pills. Insulin shot,
Last is the  inhaler.

Start 10:15 by 10:30 still not alot innhaled looked at air and I raised it. Finished by 11am turned air off. Went to bathroom blood in pants Had diarrhea and there was blood tooon the bed. oh no

11:10 am Came back to bed called to let them know well see how long it take. Rosa housekeeping came in 11:10.
Back to being very shakey again.

12ish Lunch comes. I’m actually hungry. Oh boy chicken salad sandwich on wheat. Fruit cottage cheese protein shake strawberry. I’m in heaven.

1230 ish pm Nurse Jenna comes in says we’re doing inhaler 1pm oh joy small reprieve was feeling not quite. Eat my sandwich with full gusto. Now getting ready for inhaler.

1:00 pm Nurse Jenna right on time ready for inhaler. Told her went to bathroom bleeding. She said she talked to Dr. said Its ok not to worry. need to attend later outside of hospital.

1:20p m done with inhaler. Just woke up went to pee and then

4:47 pm Jenna came in to measure blood sugar high blood presure high. .insulin shot

5:00 pm dinner

5:05 start inhaler works perfectly

5:25 pm finish inhaler bottom pops out ok no problem

5:34 pm ready to eat very shaky


Hospital Stay Night 6 

Monday April 6 2020 

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm have been singing my lungs out and

7:30ish pm started thegit up dance challenge

Bed bloody needed to get changed told me relax stay in bed oxygen low

8:00 pm Victoria aide comes in to change bloody sheets and all my clothes .
After dinner I had been singing my lungs out with Russian music, French music, Italian music and of course Country and Patriotic music.
I then also decided to start moving and dance a little difficult but did it.

8:45 pm Daria my new night nurse comes in says I need to do 2 doses of the inhaler.
Oh Lord.   So i do my job.

9:15 pm just Finished inhaling both doses. Went to bathroom, rinse out mouth back to bed take bite of fruit and cottage cheese.
Nurse Daria measures blood sugar still high

9:25 pm Dr Applehauser comes in asks  How I’m doing and I told him that I’ve been singing at the top of my lungs.
Ok he said then his usual breathe in breathe out front back look at the amount of oxygen I’m getting and then he stood and said:  depending on blood work I may be able to get out tomorrow.

Absolute shock when I heard that.

I am still very shaky from the medicine can’t stop controlling shakes.

Maybe they’re kicking me out because to my singing / screeching not such a bad thing.

Probably need beds now.

11:00 pm NEW development getting a roommate. (Called it) Oh hopes this does not compromise me and hope this person is doing ok and not on respirator.

Panic attack building.

4:00 am Daria came in to measure  NO temp. Blood pressure high  Oxygen started out low  until I did  breathing and brought it up.

5:00 am Daria came in to give me Synthroid. difficult to swallow. last double inhaler bothered throat.

Asked for mask been in same room no mask since 11:00pm.
She drew blood and said hope numbers come in good which means I could go home.
I have worried all night that I would be reinfected. And also I want to make sure that the billing will be done right before I sign anything. 

Hospital Day Stay 7

Tuesday April 7 2020 

6:45 am Woke up sunrise starting .throat  still bothered a lot. No amount sipping water going away. took lozenge not really helping. Result of double dose inhaler.

Worried about getting out and them not fixing paperwork for billing.       

There will be a STAND OFF!!!

I’m not signing anything that does not match medicare guidelines.

This is Queen Gloribee Month!

Want to do video walking out of the room. Would love the energy for git up dance challenge NOT.

7:30 am have been going to bathroom  like a banshee.

9:00 am Nurse Nicole 1 and Nurse Nicole 2 came in gangbusters very disruptive. (Their voices are obnoxious) Do not have any confidence in these 2.(Remind me of Thing 1 and Thing 2)

Asked about pills. No Zythro/plaq combo for covid19 complete No insulin.
Did Nebulizer fast needed for next roommate use.

9:50 am Dr. Zedlinski came in to tell me not ready to go today.  He and Dr. Applehauser not happy because I am on  level 3 oxygen they want me to be at level 2 then they can let me go home with oxygen.
But I am on level 2.  Need to work on breathing exercise once an hour and be without oxygen. I told him I did that and got into trouble with the nurses.

10:10 am Other Patient went for testing so took  the time to go brush my teeth, bleeding and walk around without the oxygen.

10:15 am Oxygen down   heart up

10:20 am Spoke with Marty said hes running low grade fever talking to Dr Dan. Dr Dan says not to take tylenol not good for liver. I don’t want to get re infected by Marty. I told Marty to call Dr Mulholland is our doctor he needs to call him.

I broke down and cried.

Nurse Nicole1 came in with xanax

Marty called them about the phone call. I am not allowed home today.

Maybe on my names day tomorrow.

In the meantime they will be changing and moving us into another room blood sugar high

12:00 noon they come to tell us they are moving us NOW     
Oh great!@# I force myself to walk on my own 2 feet and we walk into the coffin room


From being elated sunshine feeling great. Now being moved to a coffin room.

How can I rejuvenate my spirit looking DIRECTLY at a wall.


So i just became an ostrich.

Im sure its all about the money.

Needless to say lunch had no appeal however i ate to keep my energies to get the FK out here even if i have to sign myself out.

I am not going down the rabbit hole in this room.

1:15 pm they come into my room tell me put my oxygen on. I just went to the bathroom. The one hand does not know what the other hand is saying.  One side wants me with the oxygen in and the other side wants me to be without.

Now with this roommate I can’t sing/screech my lungs out. FK.

1:46 pm taking off oxygen keeping counter on. Steady oxygen and Heart rate high
Throat still bothering. Had difficult time swallowing.

3ish pm Woke up after nap sun shining in. Cleaned table threw out dishes with no oxygen measured good.

Sat on toilet seat near window where sun is streaming . Feels good. Small mood change

3:45 pm putting oxygen back on
4:00 pm hearing clapping 👏outside our door. Figuring someone is going home yippee

5:00 pm dinner served meh not good day mentally. Chicken noodle Soup, chicken salad in pita W/tomato. Sugar free ice cream tried it yuk. Again my fruit cup yes and glucerna. Going to be a difficult night roommate likes tv. I have not had it on for 7 days. Confined and quarantined myself with no news no negativity. Also light affects my sleep.

6:00 pm sitting on the phone no oxygen 1 hour. Puffed on breathing helper 10min. No oxygen level good. But left side lung is not saying goodbye.

Hospital Stay Night 7

Tuesday April 7 2020 

7:50 pm Woke up from a nap into a dark room.

Roommate talked all afternoon on phone with children.
Tried to turn on light not working had to go to bathroom had to use my flashlight so I wouldn’t fall.

And they are worried that I am going to fall in my own house.
You would  think moving us from one room to another they would check to make sure everything is working and SHOW US !!!!
Called twice for them to turn on the light. Someone walked in just turned on overhead nothing slammed the door.
Marty called the nurses station about the lights.

9:09 pm Nurse Laura is back my 3rd favorite nurse. So far no blood pressure high Blood sugar high oxygen good heart rate ok
Now ready for nebulizer.

9:15pm  just put oxy on.

9:21 started inhaler took video to show what i have to and what the nurses have go through and inhale dangerous conditions.
Shakes are back.
Roommate whimpering.

11:30 pm Nurse Laura came in and insulin shot .No Dr. Applehauser.
Bathroom break no oxygen good

12:00 midnight changing bed for roommate Just put oxygen back on with this commotion
Hopefully will sleep tonight.Highly doubt it.

12:40 am lights out finally. Air in room just burst full force will be a cold night.
Oh great no night light to see to go to the bathroom.
Guess I’m using the potty so i don’t trip and fall 4th? Time
Now  my pressing question is how many people get reinfected?

12:56 am. Mind boggling I’ve been drinking 180 oz. of water everyday (Aquafina). Needed to go to bathroom cant see no glasses. Good thing I thought ahead and had the potty chair next to my bed.

4:00 am woke up with a start. Lightning. Rain. Bathroom/potty break. Took off oxygen.

4:30 am Brain going mile a second. Feeling a little inadequate  missing out on the zoom and other real estate innovation or connectivity for business.
I hope i have not become a realtor dinosaur.

4:50 am Today’s the first time in breathing I’m feeling my chest. Like its it’s there. Small aches hope its not a set back.

5:34 am  Laura came in took Blood pressure lowered a little   Blood Sugarlowered a little Drew blood in right hand getting sore.

Hospital Day Stay 8 

Wednesday April 8, 2020 

Finally The END to this journey.

Today is my Russian Names Day!           

Saint Larissa

Hopefully I’m going home !

8:53 am  woke up late. Roommate got her breakfast and her Dr. came in  and I stayed quiet.

Called asked for water they bring a pitcher of ice water WTF?

Marty texted me

9:05 am Jen repeat aide brings my  breakfast.  For 8 straight days I’m in the hospital drinking 5 bottles of water per meal  today no water AT ALL! crazy😲

9:24 am Just finished eating with no oxygen. Oxy no. ✅heart ✅

9:30 am New nurse Raji comes in.  Takes roommate vitals. Then comes takes mine. No Temp Oxygen good  heart good Blood Pressure high

9:59 am Vitals Done; except she takes my notes on paper to go out to give to the inputter.

Can’t understand a thing she is saying and not because of mask. She said something to the effect that the doctor may be letting  me go home today may be a while though with paperwork etc.


Praise the Lord Hallelujah

Still no water.

I think pills will be next. Yep 2nd to Last Inhaler nemesis.

Good  Bye Inhaler!@#@!!

Finally aide Jen brings me my water.

Mentioned to Jen had ache in back can I take tylenol she said probably yes.

NOTHING. No big deal.

11:40 am Marina social worker called me on my  phone to tell me I am OFFICIALLY SCHEDULEDto clear out of here.

Marina: Do  I want them to fill my meds before i leave

Me: Yes!.

Marina Do i have someone who can pick me up

Me: Yes! Marty my husband.

Marina: Do i feel ready to leave?

ME: OMG YES!I told Marina I am not signing anything that is not documented correctly in my medicare name. Yes they are aware and will take care of it. I ask her what is the next step she says the nurse will bring my medicine up to me and explain. This I got to see.

12:00 noon Nurse Raji brings Lunch. Accusatorially telling me she told me this morning  I was be released. I said yes you did, but not when.
Must have gotten call from admin or Marina social worker. I ask her what the protocol is.

Nurse  Raji asks if i have someone to pick me up ?

Me: Yes my husband.

Nurse Raji How long will it take him to get you.

Me: about 20 minutes.Nurse Raji: Ok.Me: Then what.

Nurse Raj: I will call you on the phone when the medicine comes up from pharmacy.

Me: ok

Nurse Raji:  Then you call your husband  to come pick you up. and I will explain.

Me: OK  Hell i hope i will understand that. took me 10 minutes to understand this first part.

Me: Ok then what am i going to go out with clothing?

Nurse Raji: you will put on what you came in with.


Me: Do you have lysol spray?

Nurse Raji: dumbfounded NO.

Me: so you want to release me, put back on my contaminated clothing I came in with and that’s ok?

Nurse Raji: Yes.

Me: No way i am putting all of my belongings into a plastic bag  and walking out the door in a hospital gown or nude.

12:10 pm insulin shot 

Last Nebulizer FINALLY 

12:15 to 1230 nebulizer.

12:35 trying to swallow lunch

1256 Dr Z just came in to talk to roommate in the last 2 days I have shared the room she had more Doctors come talk to her than I have had in 8days at the hospital

1:20 pm Nurse Raji called said medicine is being brought up call your husband.

1:25 pm called Marty come pick me up bring fur coat

1:25 pm call nurse desk back he will be here in 30 minutes. And have someone else explain procedure. Do not understand  Nurse Raji  at all.

1:26 pm gathered all my clothing put into bag. Need to get IV out of hand next. Bathroom break. Walking out in hospital gown and sockies until I get fur coat on.

Asked my room mate if I could put on some music and do my dance. She said should. So I did the git up challenge dance. She loved we were both laughing and out of breath FUN!

1:45 pm Ok Nurse Raji  comes in with all my papers and they still did not change my name. She did bring me overalls to walk out in. Went over all the medicine taking later. Finally

2:30 pm Aide Jennifer comes in are you ready Gloria?

Yes i am Hallelujah.  But not leaving til papers are corrected.Nurse Raji comes and shows me the correct name on papers.

Call Marty on my way down.

Aide Jennifer and I sing Hallelujah in the hallway and elevator.

3:06 pm. Home in my own bed. Difficult time going up 16 steps made it.

Marty took picture of me top of staircase.  


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