My Brain is Full

This says it all for me from Far Side.
Since October every Monday and Wednesday I have been going to broker class to study and apply for my broker’s license.
Don’t you already have that? you may ask.
The answer is that I have my Real Estate Sales Associate license.
By getting my Broker’s License that will allow me to either continue selling in my current office with my current Broker or I can choose to open my own office and have Sales Associates working for me. While I have considered the thought and it has been tantalizing currently I do not think I am ready for it. Lastly I can work as a Manager overseeing sales associates and doing everything as if it were my own office except I do not have the financial obligations, however my obligations then are to the owner of the company. Also this opens doors for other opportunities.
The reason I chose to pursue this grueling course is for my personal benefit, enlightenment and ultimately for the consumer, who will benefit by my continuing my education. When doors of opportunities open as a result of this so much the better.
So now everyday I am taking 3 hours of practice tests as I wait for the paperwork from the state to come back and allows me to go for the state testing.
IN the meantime as a result of having a great 2006 I ahve won an award and am going to the Coldwell Banker International Conference which is being held this year in Las Vegas. Never been there and am a little apprehensive about it. The postive is I will meet other Sales Associates from other parts of the nation and get to brain storm (oops) maybe not, about what is happening in their neck of the woods.
I promise to let you know what I find.
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