To use public waterways in New Jersey with power driven vessels…

New Jersey State laws NOW REQUIRE ALL operators of Power driven vessels on NEW JERSEY Waters to possess a valid a NJ State Issued Safety Certificate to use public waterways. You can qualify for your safety certificate now by signing up for the United States Power Squadron's ALL NEW ABC3 Boat Safety Course being given by the Shrewsbury Power Squadron, beginning Monday February 15, 2010 at the Forrest Dale School on Forrest Ave. in Rumson, NJ. This new course features information on electronic charting and navigation as well as Course Plotting, in addition to all the requirements for the NJ boating safety certification. This course is the "logical Next Step" for new boater education in NJ. Registration begins at 7:30 PM in the school Auditorium/Cafeteria and has a $70.00 fee for materials only. Instruction begins at 8:00PM until 10:00 PM and continues for 8 consecutive weeks. All instruction is provided, by the Shrewsbury Squadron's NJ State certified, experienced, friendly instructors and includes all aspects of boating for beginner through intermediate level of boating experience. If you are planning to go boating this coming season or anytime soon, this is your opportunity to take and complete this nationally recognized boater qualification course. To pre-register or for more information call Bob at 732-946-2837 OR register online at   Successful completion of this course also qualifies the student age 16 and over, for the State of New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate.

NJ State Seal…

NJstate-seal2New Jersey's state
was designed
by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere and presented in May of 1777. There are several
state symbols included in the seal. The horse head stands for speed and
strength, and is the state animal. The helmet of a knight's suit of armor faces
forward representing sovereignty for a state that governs itself. Below the
helmet is a shield with three plows on it. The plows show the importance of
agriculture to the state's economic power.

The female figures pictured in the
state seal are Liberty on the left, carrying the liberty cap on her
staff. The liberty cap was worn as a symbol of rebellion by patriots in the
colonies. Ceres, the Roman goddess of grain is on the right. She holds a
cornucopia filled with harvested produce, symbolizing abundance. Below it all is
a banner with the state's motto, "Liberty and Prosperity".

And who would have Thunk NJ has a State…


The Hadrosaurus foulkii became the state dinosaur in 1991. This historic find in 1891 in Haddonfield was North America's first complete dinosaur skeleton and provided scientific evidence that dinosaurs walked upright. Since then, fossils of at least eight primitive mammals that lived alongside the dinosaurs have also been discovered.


Did you know walking the beaches at the Jersey Shore

you will find the NJ State Shell? That's right we have a state shell it is the knobbed whelk (busycon carica gmelin) it became official in 1995.

So keep your eye out when walking the beaches for this shell.

NJSHell1     NJSHell2
Happy Hunting!

And What would a State be without a State Animal?

The Horse (Equus caballus) became the state animal in 1977.


Trot over to Gladstone and see where the US Equestrian Team has been headquateredsince1950.

Official Site for the Equestrian team


Here are some articles about the US Equestrian Team


See the trotters in action at the Meadowlands


and Freehold Raceway…


Located in central New Jersey in the historic
town of Freehold, Freehold Raceway was established in 1853 and features live
Standard bred harness races for trotters and pacers  from August through early
June. The racetrack is also open seven days a week and seven nights for year
round thoroughbred and harness racing simulcasts from tracks throughout North


Come on down to the Monmouth Race Track in Oceanport NJ and enjoy the day at the races



Monmouth Park Racetrack, located in Oceanport, New Jersey, is touted as the
"Resort of Racing". With its rich thoroughbred history and entertainment
offerings, Monmouth is unique.

End the say with an evening of dining by the ocean at Pier Village



No better way to spend a day at the Jersey Shore!



What is the NJ State Insect you ask?

Why where would the state flower be without a state insect? IN 1974, the honeybee (apis mellifera) became the state insect



Did you know the NJ state Fruit is…

the birthplace of the cultivated blueberry thanks to the efforts of Elizabeth C White of Whitesbog in 1916?

In 2004, the blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) became New Jersey's official state fruit. New Jersey is the 2nd ranked state in the nation in blueberry production growing 38 million pounds per year.


Did you know the NJ State Flower is…

the Violet (viola sororia)? Just one of many beautiful flowers firmly rooted int eh Garden State.


Did you know the NJ State Flag…

is buff

The buff and blue colors on the flag are the same colors General George Washington selected for uniforms worn by New  Jersey Soldier during the American Revolution and in 1779, the colors onf the insignia were chosen from the state's early Dutch settler.


The state coat of arms is emblazoned in the center. The shield has
three plows with a horse's head above it. Two women represent the goddesses of
Liberty and Agriculture. A ribbon at the bottom includes the year of Independence
in 1776 and reads:

Liberty and Prosperity.

The New Jersey state
flag was formally adopted in 1896.


Did you know the NJ State Bird…

is the Eastern Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis) and was adopted as the state bird in 1935.


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