Real Estate Market Months Supply by Town in Monmouth County

Monmouth County Real Estate Market
% Change  Months Supply by Price
Contract Sales Unsold Inventory Less Than $400K $400 K to $599,999 $600K to $1 Mil $1,000,001 to $2.5 Mil Greater than $2.5 Mil
6% -14% 3 3.0 6 10 15

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You Don’t Want to Hear This from Your Listing Agent

You Don’t Want to Hear This from Your Listing Agent

You Don
't Want to Hear This from Your Listing Agent | MyKCMYou’ve decided to sell your house. You begin to interview potential real estate agents to help you through the process. You need someone you trust enough to:

  • Set the market value on possibly the largest asset your family owns (your home)
  • Set the time schedule for the successful liquidation of that asset
  • Set the fee for the services required to liquidate that asset

An agent must be concerned first and foremost with you and your family to garner that degree of trust. Make sure this is the case.

Be careful if the agent you are interviewing begins the interview by:

  • Bragging about their success
  • Bragging about their company’s success

An agent’s success and the success of their company can be important considerations when deciding on the right real estate professional to represent you in the sale of your house. However, you first need to know that they care about what you need and what you expect from the sale. If the agent is not interested in first establishing your needs, how successful they may seem is much less important.

Look for someone with the heart of a teacher’ who comes in prepared to explain the current real estate market to you, and is patient enough to take the time to show you how it may impact the sale of your home; not someone only interested in trying to sell you on how great they are.

You have many agents from which to choose. Pick someone who truly cares.

Marketing Success Beyond the Spring Season

Marketing Success Beyond the Spring Season

While it is true that the early to mid “Spring Market” is historically the busiest season for real estate transactions, there are some real advantages to listing your property during the summer and fall months.

First your home looks spectacular! Curb appeal is at its peak during the summer. Trees are green and full, skies are blue, flowers are in full bloom and lawns are lush and green. The trend for transitional inside /outside living space is as hot as the afternoon sun. During these months, it is easy to showcase the enhanced living space of your home in the guise of patios, decks and front porches. A home with a pool, this is the best time to maximize the value that comes from being able to beat the heat in style in your very own backyard oasis.


A huge benefit to listing your home this time of the year comes in the form of less competition. It is also not usual for the seller to pull their homes off the market during the summer. So new listings are like candy to home buyers who are waiting for new inventory. With children home, vacations planned, or perhaps visitors from out of town, sellers may feel that routine is disrupted and they will wait to re-list in the fall when everything returns more or less to normal. The truth is this kind of thinking gives those listings in the market an advantage – lower inventory means your home will stand out among the motivated homebuyers!


Gloria Benaroch is committed to getting you the best price for your home in the least amount of time, whether you decide to list next week, next month or next year. While some Realtors might discourage seller from listing this time of year based on the traditional ebb and flow of the real estate market, I know from experience that homes in all price ranges sell every week of the year. If you are thinking of selling, and are not ready today, I encourage you to plan and take advantage of your inviting outdoor living areas especially here at the Jersey Shore as we have our Indian summer and the bright blue skies by calling me to schedule your exterior professional photography! Preparation is the key to success, and I am dedicated to helping you prepare your home for your listing success. I am yours to count on.

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