10 Kitchen Renovations Tips

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  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH Use websites like Pinterest to search different kitchen styles. Once you have an idea of what you want you can add and subtract feature based on your budget
  2. PLAN FOR EFFICIENCY Your plan should keep essential appliances within arm’s reach. Consider a refrigerator drawer under the counter. the refrigerator is usually out of the way.
  3. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL  The kitchen is more than a place to prepare food. It’s the center of the home. It requires a design professional to understand all the family requirements and act on those needs. When moving appliances, opening walls, changing plumbing working with a professional from the get is going to save time and money.
  4. PICK A FOCAL POINT A great tile back-splash has a big impact. Or choose a statement range hood. A massive custom made in solid iron or copper makes a great focal point.
  5. MAXIMIZE NATURAL LIGHT Additional windows can open up a kitchen. Consider replacing double hung windows above kitchen counters with casement style windows, this allows easy opening of windows.
  6. LIGHT PROPERLY This includes task lighting for work space and under or above cabinet ambient overall lighting. There’s plenty of great looking lights that are inexpensive.
  7. SIMPLIFY Designate a spot for recycling, keeping kids snacks in lower cabinets, plan for outlets for charging all you devices and hang a notebook for grocery lists or a family calendar. Or write directly on the wall with chalkboard paint.
  8. PICK THE RIGHT MATERIAL  choose matte finish counter-tops that don’t show all the crumbles and spills.
  9. TAKE SMALL RISKS Introduce small doses of color in objects that can easily be changed out like bar stools,pillows.
  10. SPLURGE WISELY Ask yourself if you’ll really use that pot-filler or the second dishwasher. It may sound strange, but save on cabinets and splurge on the hardware.
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