Long Branch Condos Town Homes

Ocean Avenue Condos / Town Homes

determined by location on Ocean Ave

 For Other  Long Branch Condo  
  Imperial House
Location: West End, Long Branch
                787 Ocean 
Number of Homes:  Imperial House Condos for Sale
  Ocean Cove
Location: Elberon
                717 Ocean  Elberon
Number of HomesFor Ocean Cove Condos for Sale
  Sea Watch
Location: West End, Long Branch
                764 Ocean
Number of HomesFor Sea Watch Condos for Sale
Location: West End 
                720 ocean
Number of HomesChalet Condos for Sale
  Oceanside Villa
Location: West End
                700 Ocean
Number of HomesOceanSide  Condos for Sale
  Harbour Mansion
Location: West End
                675 ocean
Number of HomesHarbour Mansion Condos for Sale
  Villa @Harbor Island 
Location: West End
                 Waterview Way
Number of Homes:  Villas at Harbor Island Condos Townhomes for Sale
Location: West End
Number of HomesRenaissance Condos, Townhouses for Sale
  Nautilus Long Branch
Location: West End
                548 Ocean
Number of Homes:  Nautilus Condos for Sale
  Ocean Plaza
Location: West End
                525 Ocean 
Number of HomesOcean Plaza Condos for Sale
  Ocean View Towers
Location: West End
                510 Ocean
Number of HomesOcean View Tower Condos for Sale
Location: West End
                480 ocean
Number of Homes:  Anchorage  Condos for Sale
  Sea Dune
               477 N  Ocean
Number of HomesSea Dunes Condos Townhomes for Sale
  Ocean East
Location: 460/470 Ocean
Number of HomesOcean East Condos for Sale
  Providence Place
              450 Ocean Ave
Number of Homes: Providence Place Condos Townhomes for Sale
  Beach House
Location: West End
                448 Ocean
Number of Homes:  
Beach House Condos for Sale
  Ocean Point
Location: N Long Branch
               422 Ocean
Number of HomesOcean Pointe Condos for Sale
Location: N Long Branch
                388 Ocean 
Number of Homes:  Sutton Condos for Sale
  The Sandcastle
Location: N Long Branch
                384 Ocean
Number of Homes:  
Sandcastle Condos for Sale
  Oceans Glen
Location: N Long Branch
               340 Ocean
Number of Homes:  Oceans Glen Condos for Sale
  Dunes of Long Branch
Location: N Long Branch 
                310 ocean
Number of HomesDunes Of Long Branch Condos Townhouses for Sale
  Presidential Towers
Location: 300 Ocean  
Number of HomesPresidential Tower Condos for Sale
  Presidential Village
Location: 280 Ocean
Number of HomesPresisdential Village Townhomes Condos for Sale
  Diamond beach
tbd under construction

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